Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit

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FMS Scale-Aire Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit

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FMS Scale-Aire Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit

FMS Engineering Corporation is pleased to introduce the Scale-Aire Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit. We have incorporated state of the art microchip circuitry into a new highly efficient all-in-one unit. You can easily alternate from scaling to polishing to drilling. The ultrasonic scaler is equipped with digital autotuned electronics that maintains optimum frequency when pressure is applied to the tip by constantly scanning and compensating, eliminating even partial loss of power. You can perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus, remove stains and conclude the prophylaxis treatment by polishing the teeth using the same unit.

Our stainless steel, tips glide smoothly across the tooth surface. The water flows internally through the tip directly to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, washing away the dislodged debris.

At the touch of the foot control, the chevron shaped ultrasonic insert surges power to the tip instantly without stalling. The scaler’s delayed cavitation feature disperses the excess water into a fine mist even after the foot control is released thereby eliminating the annoying “after drip”. Recommended sterilization for the ultrasonic inserts are autoclave or chemiclave.

The high speed handpiece is used for cutting, drilling, sectioning, and many other procedures. The low speed is used for polishing to complete the dental prophylaxis.

The SCALE-AIRE MINI High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit comes equipped with:


25 KHz scaler handpiece
2, 25 KHz ultrasonic inserts
Same foot switch controls for all handpieces
Digital auto-tuned circuitry
100-240 VAC universal input switching power supply.

360,000 RPM variable speed handpiece
Complete Prophy starter kit
Up to 20,000 RPM low speed handpiece
Prophy angle for snap on rubber Cups
1:1 Autoclavable Straight handpiece
Instruction Manual

Optional polisher Accessories

Reduction handpiece (E-Type) Friction Grip and Latch type Contra angles for Straight handpiece, Diamond and Carbide burs (1.6 mm), Diamond cutting disc with mandrel (2.35 mm)


OPTIONAL: with Piezo & Fiber Optics (2000-1000PFO)

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in
Control unit dimensions

9” X 7” X 4”

Net Wt

8 lbs

Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit

Mini High Speed Veterinary Dental Air Unit

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